You might want to read my article on how to write a test case if you need some guidance. If these are ambiguous or low quality then your testing will be an uphill battle. A small thing like a pencil can have so many different situations and contexts. Think about the context of WHAT you are testing and WHY. Before you test anything, always remember to firstly look at the situation you are testing holistically.

test case for pencil

I can really appreciate how these products are tested as I didn’t even think about half of these scenarios until I actually put some thought into it. In fact, next time someone asks me to explain software testing in a REALLY easy way, I’ll use the example of Testing a Pen. As always, ensure you have some user requirements otherwise testing your pen will be difficult and based on lots of assumptions. Check if the material used to manufacture is safe to use for chewing or kept in mouth.

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As part of a system test, you want to test each item in isolation to ensure it works as designed. Comparing the pen against the design is the same as comparing to the User Interface Specification(s).. It may not be a big issue or a showstopper, but from a branding perspective, I think small details like these are VERY important. They’re not ideal but with a bit of experience and common sense it gives you somewhat of an idea of what to test.

He has extensive experience in the field of Software Testing. Furthermore, he loves to be with his wife and a cute little kid ‘Freedom’. The hardness of the pencil ranges from 1 to 4, where 1 is the softest and 4 is the hardest. When performing testing we should know exactly on which product or surface we are testing it. Test data is nothing but data that is specifically created for input for a certain test. Kid-approved and colorful, this popper toy pencil case provides a large and sturdy pencil storage solution with a special sensory bonus.

Specifications, Intended purpose, User Stories?

Take a deep breath and clear your mind, get to a structured thinking space. Think about the bigger picture, understand the objective, try to find out all the possible scenarios and connect them to a testing terminology. When shopping for the perfect pencil case, many people value function and aesthetics equally. If you’re looking for a kitschy-cute case that’ll also streamline your life, look no further than this boba milk tea pencil holder. If you’re looking for the perfect back-to-school pencil case for your glitz- and glitter-loving child, look no further than this colorful ombre case from Pottery Barn Kids. It has two roomy pockets for all their study essentials, and can be personalized with their name to make them feel extra special as they start a new school year.

test case for pencil

A Cartoonist needs various pencils of colors, hardness to draw a picture and shades. However, a Carpenter might be using a pencil as a wood markers to mark wood. For many actors the main use case is writing or drawing. For example, take the pencil into a cold storage with cold temperature and verify the pencil functionality. Expose the pencil to hot summer temperatures and check if the lead melts, able to write, etc.