Since it is also cross-browser compatible, no matter what browser you use for your development purpose, it consistently reflects the same output across all browsers. You can always tweak the CSS file if you’re not satisfied with Bootstrap’s design template. Also, you can combine it with your existing design and make them complement each other’s functions.

Any disorientation in front-end design will directly impact on the authenticity of the website and your website fails to gain the visitors’ trust. Since Bootstrap has been built under the idea of “Mobile-First”, its grid system can divide the screen into 12 equal columns and accommodate the elements according to the screen size. Also, with the help of the grid system’s classes, you can hide and show certain elements only on certain devices. A precompiled version of Bootstrap is available in the form of one CSS file and three JavaScript files that can be readily added to any project.

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The docs/ folder includes the source code for Bootstrap documentation and examples of Bootstrap usage. The js/ folder contains the source code for Bootstrap JS and the scss/ folder for Bootstrap CSS. If you choose to download the Bootstrap source code, then you’ll unzip the folder and see the following structure. If you have multiple collaborators working on a site, then consistency is important.

What is Bootstrap and why it is used

There are two different forms of Bootstrap available for download. Each version — a precompiled and a source code version — appeal to different users depending on whether they prioritize ease-of-use or flexibility. It offers extensive documentation for every part of its framework, from its layout to content to components and more. That means virtually anyone can learn Bootstrap — it also means it will take time to read through the documentation and learn the framework. If you are looking to build a website as quickly as possible, then Bootstrap might not be as ideal as other solutions, like website builders.

Why we use Bootstrap?

First, create a folder on your computer called “bootstrap.” Move the compiled CSS files from your Bootstrap download into that folder. If you are also using the JS part of Bootstrap, move the compiled JS files into the folder as well. The dist/ folder contains everything listed in the precompiled section above.

It’s typically used to create dynamic features such as forms, buttons and basic animations. You might know that we use CSS for styling webpage elements and create what is bootstrap classes and assign classes to webpage elements to apply the style to them. Through this, we get rid of writing our own CSS classes to style webpage elements.